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About Natalie Sloan

Welcome! Here's a little 'snap-shot' about me and my background

In the beginning

As a child, my passion and past times were painting, drawing, crafting and anything that involved creating an inspiring image. By the time I was in my late teens, I planned to enroll on a fine art degree but had a change of creative direction when I bought my first camera and fell in love with capturing moments through the lens and developing prints in the darkroom. 

Becoming a professional 

As a BA graduate in design and photography, I started my first role as a junior photographer at Venture Portraits, an internationally known, high-end family portrait studio. I progressed to be a senior photographer and also a style director to train my colleagues new techniques, tips and tech trending at the time. After seven years with the company, I decided to branch out on my own and widen my skills as a freelance photographer. 

Over the years I've taken on assignments for a variety of well-known companies as well as private commissions and requests for a personal approach to portrait assignments.

Carrying on the passion 

I now have nearly twenty years of experience working behind the camera. I pride myself as being approachable, considerate and professional to capture the best images to tell your story.

My style and approach

To gain vibrant images I have several approaches. I can hide in the background and be discreet but will also give instructions and directions to make sure the final photographs are flattering but still genuine.

Storytelling and consulation 

I'll always provide a consultation to discuss your ideas and wish list of what you want captured. This can be in-person, over email, a phone or a video call.


I spend as much time on post-production, editing and refining your digital images as I do on the actual shoot. This is inclusive as part of my services at no extra cost to my rates.

 And finally, awards and education

  • Venture Portraits UK Qualified Style Director 

  • Venture Portraits UK Award for Family Portrait of the Year

  • BA Honours: Design and Photography 

  • BETEC Foundation Art and Design 


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