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Rain or shine, all will be fine at Chippenham Park in Newmarket.

Congratulations to Rachael Boreham and Mike Lee who finally got to tie the knot (after postponing due to pandemic restrictions) in the wonderful grand garden settings of Chippenham Park near Newmarket and Ely. Several years ago, when the couple were researching wedding venues, they knew this was the one and consequently cancelled viewing anywhere else, and I can totally understand why.

Acres of beautifully kept gardens, set upon lakes and bridges which surround the manor house, made some lovely drop backs for their outdoor wedding. Despite a few downpours of rain, the Registar's honoured Rachael and Mike's wishes to get married outside and as luck would have it, the sun shone as Rachael's Dad walked her down the isle, greeted by a wave of smiles from guest's peeking out of their umbrellas!

After a touching ceremony, we managed to get some great action of the guests and couple, followed by lovely speeches and a fabulous evening do with fantastic band.

So nice to see people celebrating and dancing after such a long time of social distancing. This is what weddings are about, love, friendship and having fun!


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